Scottish Tory Leadership Accused of Hypocrisy After Court Finds Boris “Misled Parliament”

The Leadership of the Scottish Conservatives appeared to be in hiding from the media today after a court order found that Prime Minister Boris Johnson “misled Parliament”.

This follows over a week of intense pressure being applied to Nicola Sturgeon by Conservative politicians and the media over baseless claims that she misled the Scottish Parliament about the Alex Salmond inquiry.

Ian Blackford, the Leader of the SNP MPs at Westminster took to Twitter to ask when the Scottish Tories would be calling for the Prime Minister’s head and criticised their recent attacks “based on no evidence and solely for political gain”.

Other Twitter users were quick to echo the call for the Tories to show some consistency and backbone to disprove the notion that they were merely playing party politics when they sought Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation, by seeking the same from the Prime Minister.

Other commenters called for the mainstream media to up their game and actually attempt to get a comment on the matter from senior Scottish Tory figures, or at the least run it as a major news story.



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