Watch: Michael Gove “Rave Dancing” in Aberdeen Nightclub

Senior Conservative Minister Michael Gove MP was caught on camera in an Aberdeen nightclub last night. It is reported that Mr Gove arrived on his own at the pub downstairs, before being invited by punters to join them at the club, where he danced until the early hours.

The 54-year-old, who is originally from Aberdeen recently announced his separation from Daily Mail journalist Sarah Vine. He apparently posed for photos with revellers and was bought drinks all evening, despite being a millionaire, with an estimated net worth of £1.6m. One person who witnessed his visit was singer Emma Lament, who told the Daily Record:

“The Tories aren’t too popular in Scotland but people were generally quite nice to him. It’s fair to say he’d had a good few shandies when he arrived at O’Neill’s.”

Gove has met widespread ridicule online for his dancing, a few of the comments are below:



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