The best Twitter reactions to Gordon Brown’s latest scaremongering

Gordon Brown, the ex-politician, famously described as “the clunking fist”, for his lack of subtlety and love of a doom-laden headline got more than he bargained for when he emerged from his self-imposed exile from the Scottish political scene to mutter some new unfounded scares about the future of the National Health Service in an independent Scotland.

It’s a classic distraction technique designed to divert attention from the mess that successive UK Governments (including his) have made of the NHS in England and Wales. The NHS in Scotland is a different organisation and responsibility lies with the Scottish Parliament. Thanks to the Scottish Government and the SNP in particular, it has resisted the attempts at privatisation we have seen south of the border.

Scottish twitter is well-versed in Mr Brown’s antics and proceeded to rip into him using the hashtag: #TweetLikeGordonBrown



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